A Little Bit About TinMegaphone

2e18af7I’m a tinkerer, I love to see how things work and see if I can make them work better. As founder of TinMegaphone I have been pondering the challenge of fully enabling social media businesses for some time. I have always been dismayed that so many businesses have such incredible content and are not able to fully engage potential and current customers with it on the most popular social networks.

For many consumers the various social networks are the de facto engagement point for any interaction. Be it purchase oriented, information gathering or entertainment in nature, the increasingly dominant method of interacting with a consumer is via their social profiles. It is this principle – consumers migrating to social networks for their information gathering – that inspired TinMegaphone. We believe that companies have a treasure trove of information just waiting to be distributed on social networks that will enable discovery, increase their brand, drive search engine rankings and increase social shares (“likes”, “retweets”, “pins” … you get the picture) for their business.

TinMegaphone was founded to enable the following:

  • build a large scale social media distribution strategy that aligns with your business and marketing goals;
  • create and customize visually engaging and brand aligned social profiles to enable social distribution;
  • generate high quality engaging social media – whether from your existing content or helping to create new content; AND
  • driving brand recognition, social engagement, and search engine traffic with the increasingly social web

I would encourage you to discover more about what we have to offer by requesting a demo. I believe you will be surprised and thrilled at the possibilities we offer and will decide to join us for the ride we are just embarking on.

Todd Hogan
Founder and CEO, TinMegaphone